Data from Beauty Insight n°187

Probiotic cosmetics The global probiotic cosmetics market is expected to reach $37.8m by 2025, with a CAGR...
April 15, 2019

Data from Beauty Insight n°186

China luxury sales Millennials and women were the drivers behind the 20% growth in China’s domestic luxury market...
April 1, 2019

Data from Beauty Insight n°185

Influencers in France Some 36% of French people discovered a new product or brand through an influencer, according...
March 4, 2019

Data from Beauty Insight n°184

France’s beauty market Sales of hygiene and beauty products in France were better in 2018 than in...
February 18, 2019

Data from Beauty Insight n°182

Men’s beauty Men’s beauty is increasingly top-of-mind in the US, according to digital think- tank L2. From...
January 21, 2019